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We invest in intentional, inclusive and ambitious founders who are building impact technologies that have the potential to reduce 100Mt CO2e at scale or to significantly improve the wellbeing of millions of people around the world.

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Solving the
climate crisis

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social equality

  • Tech

    We look for companies that have proprietary technology with a high degree of defensibility at the core of its DNA. We invest across software and hardware.

  • Impact

    The climate or social impact must be intentional, measurable, net positive, interlocked and capable of reaching a meaningful scope relative to the problem being addressed.

    More detail here.


  • Investment

    We invest with a focus on early stage in Europe, mostly leading and co-leading in Seed and Series A rounds. Initial checks range from €500k up to €5M with follow-on up to €10M.

  • Value-add

    We have an active approach towards portfolio value-creation in four key areas, supported by our proprietary AENU resource hub:

    • Entrepreneurial experience
    • Impact know-how
    • B2B market access
    • Capital formation


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  • AtmosZero_Founders
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  • Monta founders (1)
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  • Charm founders
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  • Running Tidefounder
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  • Carbon Equity Founders
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  • Dance founders

Walking the talk

  • Investment stage

    Our portfolio companies by current stage of maturity.

  • Impact category

    A breakdown of impact-category addressed by companies.

  • Gender Diversity

    Composition of the founders and senior management teams of our companies.

  • Geography

    By location of our company’s headquarters.

  • EU taxonomy

    Portfolio break-down according to EU-Taxonomy categories.

  • Founder’s Pledge and LFCA

    Memberships of our companies at Founder’s Pledge and LFCA (Leaders for Climate Action).

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