Value-Add at your fingertips:
1. Entrepreneurial Sparring
2. Impact-as-a-Service
3. B2B-Access

AENU has an active approach towards portfolio value-creation in three key areas, supported by our proprietary AENU resource hub:

1. Entrepreneurial sparring: individual meetings with unicorn-founders and serial entrepreneurs from our team and network, tailored to strategic and operational questions that keep you awake at night

2. Impact-as-a-Service: hands-on support from our in-house impact team on all things impact measurement, impact reporting, life-cycle-analysis (LCA), Theory of Change (ToC), ESGI strategy, DEI strategy, CSRD-readiness and more

3. B2B market access: introductions bus-dev/sales/POC to senior managers across European corporates and German Mittelstand, supported by AENU’s proprietary contact book

Across our active portfolio, we continuously demonstrate tangible value-add. Contact AENU investment team for first-hand references from our portfolio founders.

Current examples include:

1. Entrepreneurial sparring for Alcemy, Ocell, Xfuel and Metris

2. Life-cycle-assessment (LCA) for Voltfang

3. B2B-market intros for Monta, Patch, Minimum and Heirloom

4. ESG strategy for Agreena

5. CTO Coaching for Alcemy

Our Resource Hub

Our Resource Hub

Our AENU founder resource hub offers a wide range of relevant benchmarks, toolkits, frameworks and contacts for the management teams of our portfolio companies. This is how it looks like: