AENU Impact Report 2022

AENU Impact Report 2022


Dear Investors, Impact Pioneers & Stakeholders,

2022 was marked by multifaceted challenges, including increased cost of living, stagnating GDP growth, accelerated climate change, supply chain disruptions and ongoing conflict in Europe. We see now more urgently than ever the need for a transformed capitalist system that optimizes for environmental and social wellbeing. We need #ImpactCapitalism.

Over the last year, impact startups have shown incredible resilience, with more than € 70 Bn raised in climate tech in 2022 – a 89% YoY increase – and with the rise of a new generation of mission-driven companies characterized by more experienced and diverse founding teams.

AENU is proud to be the preferred partner of choice for many of these impactful entrepreneurs, providing operational expertise, impact competence, DACH market access, and longterm support as a value additive shareholder.

As we celebrate AENU’s first of many years of operation, we reiterate our commitment to increasing transparency and innovation in venture capital. We are excited to present our first-ever impact report, which showcases the fund’s and its portfolio companies’ contribution to solving the most pressing climate and social challenges. We welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing this journey with all of you.


Fabian, Siobhan, Ferry, Melina & the AENU Team